What is CO⌖RE?

CO+RE Camp was born out of a strong desire to offer athletes an opportunity to train not only their specific sport and the required skills needed to be successful but to also give them access to a holistic program that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.  Just as your core is the foundation of your physical strength, CO+RE Camps strive to reach the spirit of the individual athlete. Our intention is to inspire each other to not only reach our  goals but to surpass them. 


Summer Skill Refinement - Perfect the Basics 
3 full days focusing on

  • Skill specific training for upcoming season

  • Pre-season conditioning for strength & endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Perfecting fundamental shapes

  • Artistry and dance technique

  • Mental readiness - working through blocks

Winter Pre-Meet Polishing
​2 full days focusing on

  • Polishing routines to maximize scores

  • Conditioning for power & strength

  • Artistry and expression through dance

  • Mental readiness - meet preparation & recovery

Spring Cleaning for State/Regionals/Nationals
1-1.5 days focusing on

  • Refining routines and optimizing bonus values

  • Deduction evaluations

  • Technical corrections

  • Perfecting performance


Shadow and work side-by-side with our celebrity coaches.Take back new tools and tricks to share with your gymnasts and staff.

Join your athletes and get in on the action. Get first hand experience spotting drills and helping your gymnasts master new skills.